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Angry Man Vs. SUV: Who Ya Got?

Do you believe in miracles? YES!!! Upset city! That’s one small win for man, one giant victory for mankind! Sure this guy only got the win because it went to the judge’s cards and CompuBox says he was the only fighter that actually threw any punches. But I guarantee the only people that picked the Angry Man to win this fight when they read that headline were people that had already watched this video. When a Man vs. Machine battle is taking place, Man almost always walks away holding an L. Especially if it’s a guy taking on a car on the car’s home turf of the road.

*Source: Every NSFW Man Vs. Car LiveLeak video and Grand Theft Auto game ever

However despite all odds, the Man somehow won this showdown. Sure he fought against something that wasn’t looking for a fight and probably lost the war when he went home, had a giant swollen hand from punching the grill as well as internal bleeding from that absolutely incredible Flying Squirrel Splash. But he sure showed the driver of a giant car who was the alpha in this situation before getting in a car that was way too nice for someone with his IQ level and giving humanity it’s biggest win against the machines since Dwight defeated the Dunder Mifflin website more than 10 years ago.