Reader Email - Rate My Friends Top Rope Beer Pong Dunk

Our friend cellys way to hard after winning gold in beer olympics. Note the gold medal, gold champagne bottle and jorts.



Normally when we get these emails I say to myself, alright, sure, your friend goes harder blah blah blah, we’ve seen it a million times and they’re all the same. But I have to give credit to this one, I was genuinely impressed. Because rule number 1 of going off the top rope is that you need to commit, and there was 100% commitment from this kid. No thoughts of breaking his face or arm or knocking himself out. None of it. It was simply, I won and now I’m going to jump through this table. Sweet and simple, I give it an 8.5

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I guess when you win the Beer Olympics you just destroy your own body in as many ways as possible.