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Did The Cubs Know Yu Darvish Was This Soft?

The LA Times dropped a story yesterday on Yu Darvish that goes pretty deep into the emotional fragility behind the one hundred and twenty six million dollar man. I highly recommend reading it even if you can’t read. It’s notably riveting.

Throughout the article, I can’t help but wonder if the Cubs (read: Theo Epstein, Jed Hoyer and professional dreamboat Scott Harris) had any clue that Darvish was so soft. And before I go any further down that path, let’s build a very rational case that Yu Darvish is e x t r e m e l y soft.

From the Article:

“The first thing I looked at was when the Cubs would play the Dodgers,” he said.

Maybe he’s just being really competitive. Maybe he wants to know when the Cubs play the Dodgers because he couldn’t wait to shut those fuckers down. Make them all jealous and shit by being so good. Pretty crazy but whatever guy wants its. I like it.

When he rejoined the Cubs on Tuesday at Dodger Stadium, he made it a point to spend the game in places where fans couldn’t see him. “I won’t go to the front of the dugout,” he said before the game. “I’ll stay in the back or in the clubhouse where fans can’t see me.”

Whoops nevermind. He’s actually terrified.

“When people boo you, they’re telling you, ‘We don’t like you,'” he said. “It’s not a good feeling to get that from the fans of an organization you respect so much.”

And when you get shelled in Game 7 of the World Series, fans want to boo you. That’s how it works. A + B = C.

Except the reprieve could be short. Darvish could be pitching here in October. “in the playoffs, it will be worse,” Darvish said. “it wouldn’t be as bad in the playoffs if I could pitch in the series. The frustration of the fans is pent up at this point. If they could release some of that frustration now, I think it wouldn’t be as bad later.”

I’m not crying it’s just my allergies.

“I had told my wife that I was thinking of retiring at the end of the year,” Darvish said. “I was thinking I didn’t want to do it anymore, but then I was traded to the Dodgers.”

Interesting enough, Darvish had 6 years of MLB service before signing a 7-year deal with the Cubs. So, you’re telling me that halfway through his 6th year, he wanted to retire and then we decided to give him SEVEN MORE YEARS? Really? If this is true, like if he really wanted to retire, I can’t defend this. My only explanation is the Cubs didn’t know this amount of softness was in his DNA. And even then, that’s a ridiculous thought – that Theo & Co. didn’t do their homework enough on their biggest offseason move. That’s laughable but what else is there to hang this on? Jake Arrieta walked to Philly at a nearly identical price and all that fucking guy wants to do is go out and compete his balls off. Usually I have a spin on things but this time I am completely lost. Nevertheless Go Cubs.