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If You Could Change The Outcome Of One Game From Any Sporting Event, What Are You Choosing?

I was a little bored last night as I twiddle my thumbs waiting for the real World Cup to start today. That’s right qualifying for the World Cup in basketball starts back up today. Well, that and the fact the Orioles stink out loud so I had no interest in watching baseball. So I posed this question to see what people would reply with.

There’s a couple different layers to this question. Are you trying to change one outcome of your favorite team? Perhaps you’re attempting to change the outcome of your least favorite team? Personally, I’d lean more on changing the outcome of one of my favorite teams more than the opposite. Would I love if the Eagles still didn’t have a Super Bowl? You bet your ass I would.

But, I’d rather be happier celebrating one of my teams winning because there’s nothing better than celebrating a title. It’s the absolute best. Now the tough thing here is coming up with just one game. You don’t get to pick one for each team you support or pick one from each league or anything like that. You just get to change the outcome of one game in the history of sports.

Immediately a couple stuck out for me. I would have loved if the Knicks beat the Rockets in Game 7 of the 1994 NBA Finals. I would have loved if Kentucky beat West Virginia in 2010 or UNC in the 2017 Elite Eight, Wisconsin in the 2015 Final Four or if Kentucky beat UConn in the 2014 title game. Getting back to Lexington in 2007, I would have preferred to watch Kentucky end the streak against Tennessee in football instead of losing 52-50 in 4OT. Hell, the Florida game this past year would be ideal too.  I would have loved if USMNT beat Trinidad & Tobago just a few months ago. I would have enjoyed the Giants beating the Ravens in the 2000 Super Bowl or the Giants beating the Eagles in the 2009 playoffs. There’s a million of them for teams I support.  I would especially like to change the outcome of that little asshole Jeffrey Maier reaching over and starting Derek Jeter’s career.

Ultimately though I’d probably take the UConn game in 2014. The main reason being that is a title game. Yeah, Kentucky matched up great against Duke in 2015 and they were the best team in 2010. But, you still have another outcome to hope happens. In 2014 it’s the title game and it’s the second one in three years. I don’t think it’s a secret I graduated from Kentucky and I’m a fan of the Cats. Watching the 2012 title game with my buddies from college and celebrating on a Monday night in April was awesome. We were ready to do so again in 2014 only to have to drink quietly and talk about James Young’s dunk instead.

Enough about me, I know you don’t care. What are you picking? Here are some answers that I’ve gotten on Twitter: