The War On Beautiful Women On The Internet Continues - Getty Images Issues An Apology For Posting A "Sexiest Fans Of The World Cup" Photo Gallery

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GettyEarlier, we published a piece, “World Cup 2018: The Sexiest Fans,” that did not meet our editorial standards. We regret the error and have removed the piece. There are many interesting stories to tell about the World Cup and we acknowledge this was not one of them.

What’s that you say?

High quality HD images of the sexiest World Cup fans?

Well guess who has a premium GETTY account!

Russia v Egypt: Group A - 2018 FIFA World Cup RussiaFBL-WC-2018-MATCH31-POL-COL-FANSFBL-WC-2018-MATCH31-POL-COLPoland v Colombia: Group H - 2018 FIFA World Cup RussiaKorea Republic v Mexico: Group F - 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia

FIFA World Cup 2018 Russia'Sweden v KoreaFBL-WC-2018-MATCH31-POL-COL

And the War on Beautiful Women on the Internet continues.

Come on man.  This is the World Cup.  It’s a time for celebration, jubilation, and above all, taking pride in your country.  These women are out here decked out head to toe with a lot of empty space in between in their team’s gear carrying all the flags and accessories, screaming their lungs out for their squad.  They want to represent where they come from.  They want to represent their homeland.  They want to represent the men who are bleeding, sweating, killing themselves to bring the ultimate trophy back to their people.  Some of them just so happen to be very attractive.   They are footie fans, gorgeous footie fans, but footie fans first and foremost.  You don’t have to apologize for calling them sexy.   Adam C Best built an empire on this!

Where Getty messed up is using the “Sexiest Fans” title.  That’s a big blunder from an enterprise that’s not well versed in the game.  It’s what happens when people try to dab their toe into the smut space without fully knowing what they’re getting into.  You don’t put “Sexiest Fans” in the headline.  You just say “The Best Fans of the 2018 World Cup,” and then it just so happens to be 25 beautiful women in the gallery.  It’s called plausible deniability, Presidents do it all the time.


[Photo Credit: Getty Images]