A Police Dog Helped Sniff Out 10 Million Dollars Worth Of Weed And The Pictures Are Ridiculous

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WTVR- A police dog in Chicago helped officers seize over $10 million worth of marijuana on Thursday. The pot was sniffed out by Jayda once officers pulled over a driver suspected of narcotics trafficking, according to the Chicago police. The search resulted in over 1,500 pounds of cannabis products seized. Chicago PD shared images of Jayda sitting in a room surrounded by numerous piles of the packaged product stacked halfway to the ceiling. “Officers learned that the narcotics were en route to Chicago from California,” posted police. “The driver of the vehicle was placed in custody and charged with Cannabis – Possess more than 5000 grams.” Chicago police told CNN affiliate WBBM that they are still investigating the case with the help of Drug Enforcement Administration agents in California.

You hate to see that. You actually do hate to see that. Weed should 100% be legal so it makes me sad to see that we’re still trying to demonize it. But with that said, those pictures almost make it being illegal worth it. Almost. If weed were legal we wouldn’t get those pictures and that’d be a real shame. Those pictures are insane. That drug-sniffing dog sitting in the middle of a room surrounded by 10 million dollars worth of weed are LOL funny. It’s obviously not all the weed in the world but that’s what it looks like. The dog is sitting there like, “Yeah I made this happen. It was nothing.” Cocky as fuck. Dope on the damn table.

Real talk though, and not to undercut the dog’s accomplishment, but how hard is it really to sniff out 10 million dollars worth of weed? I bet any of us could do that and we don’t have supernatural senses like dogs do. I guarantee I could walk by a building with that much weed in it and I’d be like, “There’s weed in that building.” It’s not that I’m special or anything. I’m not. It’s that it’s gotta be REALLY  hard to hide that much weed. That’s so much weed. A person with no sense of smell could probably track down 10 million dollars worth of weed. It’s still an impressive accomplishment but maybe not as impressive as that dog might think.