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Remember That Super Cute Midget Antelope Born At The Lincoln Park Zoo A Few Months Ago? Yeah He Died

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(source) A female klipspringer calf has died at Lincoln Park Zoo, about three months after she was born. The calf, Asha, was born March 30 to Dash and Triumph, two klipspringers recommended to breed as part of the zoo’s klipspringer species survival program. Triumph, the calf’s mother, couldn’t provide adequate care to Asha, so Asha was given around-the-clock care by zookeepers following her birth. Klipspringers are dwarf antelopes found in central and eastern Africa.

The cause of Asha’s death remains unknown. A zookeeper found her unresponsive Wednesday in her habitat and immediately rushed her to the veterinary hospital, where she was confirmed dead. Zoo spokeswoman Sharon Dewar said that when the animal care staff spends eight hours a day or more providing nourishment and enrichment for an animal, they develop a strong bond with it. “Especially in this relationship where the calf couldn’t be mother-reared, and we spent 24 hours with her around the clock, we formed an even more special relationship with her,” she said.



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This is starting to become a disturbing trend. Every animal I embrace dies. Seriously what the fuck? This was Franky, our little dwarf weirdo that was actually a girl but because the Zoo named it a shitty name we adopted him and named him Franky. And now he’s dead. I don’t know what I have to do to keep these animals alive but whatever I’m doing right now. Too much blood on my hands. Heartbreak City, population all of us.



Cue the music.