Isaiah Austin Getting Drafted By The NBA Last Night Was The Best Moment Of The Draft




Not to get too sappy on a Friday morning but I thought this was worth a post. If you haven’t been following the lead up to the draft, Isaiah Austin, you know the crazy tall guy from Baylor, was recently diagnosed with Marfan Disease and deemed unfit to continue his basketball career. Basically imagine having your entire life build up to one big moment, you work hard, spend all the extra time in the gym, blood, sweat, tears, the works, only to have a test on your seemingly healthy body show that you can’t play basketball anymore. Brutal. So last night the NBA pulled a classy move and made that dream a semi-reality in acknowledging Isaiah Austin and “drafting” him (which I technically think means he gets a ring after every championship). Cool story, great move by Adam Silver and one of those moments that we can all agree is genuinely great, something that has become rare in today’s age.



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