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Jimmy Fallon Forgot To Switch To His Burner Account On Twitter Before Thanking Himself For Making A Donation

Whoops! Looks like Jimmy Fallon just Kevin Durant-ed himself. Caught telling himself thank you for a donation he was about to make. Yikes. You’re telling me the guy who almost slams a hole in his desk every night fake laughing at celebrities has burner accounts? Wild. This all came about cause Donald Trump tweeted Jimmy Fallon since Fallon has started to say how much he regrets messing up Trump’s hair and “humanizing” him on his show

I flat out don’t understand burner accounts. I really don’t. Why do famous people do that? What do they gain from it? They gain one “person” telling them they’re doing a good job I guess? But if you scan the replies to Fallon’s original tweet there are hundreds, maybe thousands, of people complimenting him. It’s completely unnecessary for him to do it to himself. Everybody was already patting him on the back. The risk is not nearly worth the reward. The reward is complimenting yourself which is completely meaningless. The risk is some stupid blogger screenshotting you on a Sunday night and people finding out you have a burner account. There’s gotta be something I’m missing about having burner accounts. It’s crazy.