This Very Good Boy Is The Best CPR Administrator The World Has Ever Seen

Are you kidding me with this? This makes CPR look enjoyable and quite frankly the best thing in the world. Just get to have the bestest boy come running over to you, pounce on you a couple times and then lay his head on you? You come back only to find that adorable puppy saving your life? Sounds wonderful.

I mean look at this pooch. This is a pooch that will refuse to let you die and that’s what makes dogs the best. If this was a human it would be some half-ass effort. Not from this guy:


That’s a dog that’s not ready to see you die here. That’s a dog that’s not doing this to be a hero. That’s a dog that’s doing this because dogs are the best. That’s a look of genuine concern, even though you know this dog knows it’s just a drill. He knows he’s practicing, but he doesn’t care. He’s treating this like it’s his goddamn Super Bowl.

Dogs continue to be nothing but the best.