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Last Night In The Big 3: Nate Robinson Hit A Game-Winning Shot, Then Got Into A Scrum With Rashad McCants Who Showed Up Wearing A Joker Mask And Thanos’ Glove Before Kenyon Martin's Mom Got Into The Mix

Big 3 games are first to 50 wins

Lets see what Rashad McCants showed up wearing:

YES!!! This is The Big 3 I got excited about when it was created. Pure entertainment uncut to the gut. Every time another player from the rough and tumble 90s/00s NBA was announced as a member of the Big 3 last year, we remembered all of his highlights and wondered who he may fight if shit got physical. Then the games started, were on tape delay, White Chocolate’s knee exploded, Allen Iverson’s participation seemed to be more optional than mandatory, and everything ended up pretty meh.

But this brouhaha taking place was the perfect way to kickoff Season 2. I mean just read that poorly constructed headline again. It’s like a Mad Libs created by Robbie Fox and the good people on Mickstape after they spent an hour is a smoky room with J.R. Smith.

In one corner you have Rashad McCants, who always marched to the beat of his own drum to the point he clearly has no regard for his opponents or the difference between the DC and Marvel universes. And in the other corner you have Nate Robinson, who has been fighting for respect as a player that happens to be the size of Napoleon in a league full of giants since he was a rookie. Put them together and you were inevitably going to have a scrum. When when you put Kenyon Martin along with any member of his family tree or any trees in the same forest as his family tree in the arena, the chance of a fight breaking out rises exponentially. To be honest, Kenyon Martin’s mom looked more ready to throw down than any member of The Big 3 not named Charles Oakley. All that was missing was Hulk Mike Bibby coming out of nowhere and Bibby Smashing McCants for rolling in with an outfit that violated canon for two classic comic characters.

So after last night, I’m definitely excited to see what The Big 3 has in store for us this season, both in terms of hoops and basketball fights.

Oh yeah and Ricky Davis. You CANNOT forget about Ricky Davis.