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Everytime The Blue Checkmark Brigade Trash Barstool We Grow Stronger So Thank You To the Haters Of Which There Are Many




Another day another dollar.  As Liz already blogged once again all our soon to all be unemployed friends at Univision are using Barstool to get their monthly quota of pageviews. Trying to make it see like we all love Corey Lewandowski. Listen I don’t care what you think about us or what we do. Nobody with any sort of brain can argue that we were defending Lewandowski.  That’s just a blatant lie and pandering for clicks. It was pretty fucking clear we were saying the absurdity of dropping a “womp womp” and the subsequent reaction of “How Dare You Sir” is what made it funny to us. That it was so preposterous you couldn’t help but laugh at his lack of self awareness. If you didn’t think it was funny that’s fine.  If you want to say the way we talked about it sucked that’s cool.  Lots of jokes we make I don’t think are funny, but I know they are jokes. It’s not us belittling Latinos or the situation. But because it’s barstool and because it’s me people like to twist the facts and put our asses in the jackpot.

Well guess what? I fucking love it! I don’t like it. I love it. I need it. I crave it. I thrive of it. It’s my power source. It’s my fuel. It’s what I need to keep my edge. It’s how Barstool has managed to grow from a tiny little blog to one of the most powerful and influential media companies in the country. As long as there are morons out there who try to tell people what they are allowed to laugh at and what they can make fun of Barstool will thrive and continue to grow. Our readers already know who we are. New readers will find out about us. One of the reasons we’ve been king of the mountain for close to 15 years now is because of the Laura Wagner’s and Tom Leys of the world. They unite us. And when they are both fired and onto their next jobs I’ll still be here. I’ll still be publishing blogs and printing money. I’ve outlasted 5 editors at Deadpin. I’ve watched them publish illegal videos of sexual assault, pay for nude pics of female reporters, post endless dick pics and laugh about it.  I’ve watched them go bankrupt, get bought and go bankrupt again.  So let them bitch and moan from the cheap seats while they put their resumes online and look for their next low paying job. I’ll continue to sleep easy on a bed full of money knowing as long as the haters exist so will Barstool. We don’t just make jokes about the news anymore. We are the news! And as Reggie Jackson once said. Fans don’t boo nobodies.