I Really, Really Wish This Flying Elbow Drop Off The Top Rope To A Gator Is Real

BAW GAWD that is fucking awesome. This is, without question, the greatest From The Top Rope nature has ever seen. A people’s elbow on a reptile that would make Macho Man sport wood from the grave. You know the number of friends I would have do this for me if a man eating gator was about to swallow me whole? 0. Possibly Absolute 0, which means they may flying elbow drop me as a sacrifice to the gator. Then again, all of this is contingent on if this is real, and that’s a hefty IF. Looking at that floating gator head within striking distance but still inching towards its prey at the speed of a KFC cone drill, it’s not looking so hot. I’m pretty sure this elbow on a gator is just as real:

So damn you, Internet. Damn you for faking so many things during your wonderful life that it often makes me question my own existence. Not that it takes much.

However, if it is real, somebody get YP or Jeremy Roenick on the scene. Batshit is what batshit does.