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Elderly Couple Flips Car Then Takes Picture With It




(Source) A rollover crash in Bel-Air, California, last week didn’t seem to faze the elderly couple involved. After the blue Honda tipped over, the uninjured couple posed for pictures with the car — even though the wife was still trapped inside.The couple seemed to be in good spirits, according to Los Angeles police. The woman even asked her husband for her purse so she could take a picture of herself, police said.  Los Angeles County firefighters helped free her. Authorities did not say what caused the rollover in the first place.



There are two types of old out there, the good and bad. The bad old is when you’re so old that you lose your mind and shit your pants and aren’t allowed to drive anymore and get stuffed away in a Nursing Home. The good old is when you make dumb mistakes, like say flipping your car for example, and instead of getting stuffed in a Nursing Home you take a picture with the car and say fuck it, I’m probably going to die soon anyway, this flipped car is hilarious. Have a sense of humor about age and life. I hope to god I get to the good old.




Love gramps with the pants up to his adam’s apple hanging out while his wife is still trapped in the car dying.


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