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Pitcher Takes A Line Drive Off The Face And He May Have Changed Species As A Result

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Ouchie via coledannunzio and jack.haveson on IG

POW. Right to the kisser. Being on the receiving end of a line drive as a pitcher is one of the scariest things in sports, and there’s a reason for that. You have zero reaction time. None. It really is terrifying to experience and watch:

One second you’re ready to gas up a heater, the next you end up looking like a duck billed platypus or every sorority sister posing for a picture circa 2012. Glad to hear he’s going to be OK. A few lost teeth, cracked jaw, and a quick surgery later and he should be alright. Why? The kid is Delco tough. That’s why. I’m half surprised he didn’t swallow the ball whole for an out, wash it down with a (non-alcoholic) brew or 20, then look to fight his middle aged Uncle over Glory Days rights at the holiday table on who was the better athlete in high school. Like I said, Delco tough. Or nuts. Same thing. Can’t wait to see the face rocked with the freshest personalized Birds jersey pills can buy in Wildwood this Summer.

Nick Williams of the Phils also received some hard balls to the face and expelled fluid last night. A lot of fluid. His nostrils looked like they were elevators opening in The Shining.