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Toronto Marlies Player Rich Clune Goes Full Wolf Of Wall Street At Championship Parade To Announce He's Coming Back


Rich Clune has spent a decent amount of his career bouncing around between the AHL and the NHL. He spent a few seasons with the Nashville Predators, played a handful of games with the Kings and also played a handful with the Maple Leafs. But most of his action has come in the AHL and he’s spent the last few seasons with the Toronto Marlies. I haven’t gotten a chance to blog about this yet, I don’t think, but the Marlies won the Calder Cup this year and became the first *men’s* professional hockey team to win a championship in Toronto in the past 50 so years. So shoutout to the Marlies for that. But mostly, shoutout to Rich Clune because at the championship parade over the weekend, Clune took to the mic to discuss his future plans with the team.

Fucking. Legend.

I don’t know what the captaincy situation is looking like in Toronto next year but I think you have to slap a C on Clune’s sweater. I also think his next contract has to be a two-way deal. That’s an NHL caliber speech right there. You look up and down Toronto’s roster right now and I just don’t know if they have anybody who could bring that type of heat on the spot like that. Jordan Belfort was a leader of men. You need somebody like that in your locker room if you’re serious about making a run at the Cup. And if Leo DiCaprio was portraying Jordan Belfort and Rich Clune was portraying Leo DiCaprio portraying Jordan Belfort? Well that’s the next best thing. If I’m Kyle Dubas, that’s the first major move I’m making as the new GM of the Toronto Maple Leafs.