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What's Your Biggest Fear In Life? Because Reds Announcer Marty Brennaman Shared His During The Cubs/Reds Game And It's A Doozy

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Love it. Just Marty Brennaman laying a big stinking fart in the press box. Taking all the air out of this fun little twitter segment. Biggest Fear? Oh I don’t know, spiders, snakes, heights, being a failure, these are normal responses. But nope, Marty Brennaman wants to get real with you for a second. His Biggest Fear? Having a heart attack in a hotel and dying alone while no one is there to call the ambulance and his last breath escapes his body with panic in his eyes as he’s hoping someone will come and save him but he knows they won’t because he accidentally put the do not disturb sign on his door. And here’s the pitch to Ruggiano.