Big Ev AKA The Double Vodka Don Intern Update: I am Now a National TV Star

So for those of you that live under a rock and may have missed it, Barstool was featured on a prominent TV network on Friday night. ABC ever heard of it? Not a big deal but a pretty big deal. (You can watch the full feature here) It was a 7 minute and 12 second feature basically saying how awesome we are and how we are revolutionizing the sports/pop culture media industry. There was a lot of highlights and special moments you could point too. The interviews with Erika and Dave were great, the part recognizing all the great charitable work Barstool has done was awesome, but there was one that stood out amongst all the rest. At approximately 1 minute and 24 seconds in the show was stolen and a star was born.


MAMA I MADE IT! That’s right mother fuckers ya boy made his national television debut over the weekend. Family and friends have been asking me, “Big Ev how does it feel to be a nationally televised TV star now?” The answer is it feels pretty god damn good. I was surprised that I wasn’t asked to take any pictures on my way to work today, but I was asked to sign a baby. I know what you’re thinking and thought it was pretty odd myself. I did have my headphones in but I could have swore she mouthed to me “can you sign my baby?” Is it possible there was a miscommunication? Maybe she meant to say “Get the fuck out of my way you big fat idiot.” Now that I think of it that lady did seem to be pretty upset when I started writing on her infant son’s forehead in permanent marker. (I carry a sharpie on me at all times now in case anyone wants me to sign something. Anything for my fans.)

It’s amazing the doors Barstool can open up. One minute you’re blogging about your intern friend eating bagels like a complete weirdo, the next your name and face is plastered all over nationally syndicated TV for millions of viewers to see and admire. What a world. Thanks to all those that have helped me reach this amazing pinnacle. I promise to always remember the little people and will never change on any of my friends or family even though I’m now CLEARLY more important and better than them in every possible way. I will always keep my humble roots and stay true to myself regardless of the fact I was on a screen for an audience of millions while most of my friends were selling cars or fixing gas leaks. Not that big of a deal. Just everyday stuff going on over here.