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Pussification Of Soccer With Everyone Crying About Luis Suarez Biting A Guy And Talking About How He Lacks "Class"

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So I guess biting is like a big taboo thing in Soccer. Bob Ley has been on the tv for the past 45 minutes pretending Luis Suarez killed a guy. High horse city.





All these soccer fans saying he disgraced the game and it’s disgusting and blah blah blah. Look, I watch sports to be entertained. I want to see something happen. Something memorable. And Luis Suarez biting a person is exactly that. It’s funny. A man biting another man in the heat of competition is funny to me. His nickname being the cannibal, the guy actually having bite marks on his shoulder, all of it. Sure he probably should have gotten a red card and I understand if he’s suspended, I’m not an animal, but let’s also not pretend he murdered a person. He bit a guy. He’s the cannibal, that’s what he does. If anything we need more biting in sports. It’s fantastic theater.



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