Congrats To The New York Golf Fans Who Are DEEP Inside Ian Poulter's Head

Screen Shot 2018-06-17 at 8.56.57 AM

We talking 2024 bro? It’s 2018. The New York golf fans are so deep inside Ian Poulter’s brain that he’s rattled 6 years out. 6 years! Yes the Ryder Cup at Bethpage Black in 2024 will be a hostile environment and that will be awesome, but that’s golf and this is Shinnecock in 2018 you soft baby back bitch. The fans didn’t make you blade your bunker shot over the green then chunk a chip on 8 en route to triple. You know how I know that? Because I’m a credentialed journalist and know you shank shots in pressure moments no matter what state you’re in.

Big win for the fans this week living inside Poulter’s head. They say the grandstand on 12/13 is the best spot on the course but posting up right in Poulter’s fucking kitchen may take the cake. One of the main goals as a fan is to chirp the shit out of Ian Poulter; must be a great feeling when he publicly validates your efforts.

Just another great storyline coming out of the superb 2018 #USOpen run by our close personal friend the USGA. Thought it’d be DJ that took down Ian Poulter but turns out it was the common man. Love it.