Bench-Clearing Brawls In Mexican League Baseball >>>>>> Bench-Clearing Brawls In Major League Baseball

Somebody tell Rob Manfred and his merry band of social media scrubbers that their asses are officially on the hot seat. Baseball fights with real punches being thrown and commentary that sounds like it is coming from the WWE Spanish Announcers booth are how sayings like “Baseball Is America’s Pastime But Beisbol Is Mexico’s Passion” get started. I don’t know if it was the punches connecting or the lack of seeing relief pitchers awkwardly lollygag into the scrum that made this fight seem closer to a brawl than a typical MLB hold-me-back ticklefest. But it did. Then again, I always feels like things are dialed up to another level of danger when they are happening in Mexico. It doesn’t matter if it’s a baseball fight, a Spring break trip, or a paralyzed QB trying to walk again by undergoing a risky procedure using shark stem cells. JK, about the shark stuff. I almost stopped watching Friday Night Lights because of Jason Street’s shitty Mexican adventures.

Anyway, there is a reason why people shit their nickers when traveling up to Mexico City to play soccer games. It’s because the locals occasionally get their pound of flesh by launching shit on the field when shit goes awry. And regardless of what the emoji in that tweet says, my limited knowledge of etiquette at Mexican sporting events tells me there is a good chance there was a golden liquid other than beer being thrown in those cups. Add all that up with some crazy fucks like La Flama Blanca throwing beanballs and hands and you have yourself a potentially explosive situation every time 50 baseball players take the diamond. That’s more than you can say for a Major League Baseball game on any given night. Today is the officially last day I go into watching a Mexican beisbol brawl and not thinking it will be at least a decent fight. We should have learned something from that scrum against Canada during the WBC 5 years ago.