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Jada Pinkeet Smith's Nephew Pulled The Old "Wrong Ball" Trick Play For El Camino High School This Weekend


Fox – A junior varsity team from Southern California pulled off what could be the trick play of all time on Friday. During a 52-6 victory, El Camino Real quarterback Jahlil Pinkett takes the snap, and calmly starts strolling toward the sideline, seeming to request a new football. Everyone — and we mean everyone — on both sides lets up as Pinkett heads toward the sideline, or so the Cleveland High School defense believes. The ruse is aided as coaches on the sideline look for an official ball. If the quarterback’s last name sounds familiar, it should. Pinkett is the nephew of Jada Pinkett Smith, the actress wife of Will Smith.


This has to be the worst trick play in history. Those defenders should all be nut tapped for falling for that. The kid yelled “wrong ball” after the snap, and the defense was like “seems legit”.  No wonder they lost 52-6.   Watch the ball.  Rule #1 of defense.    And yes it makes it 1 billion times more emasculating that it was Jada Pinkett’s nephew who did this to them.  I’m not sure why, but it just does.