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The Rumor That Ronaldo Cut His Hair In Honor Of A Kid With Brain Cancer Is False So Stop Trying To Make Me Feel Bad About It Internet

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So I guess this is the new thing on the internet, fake rumors about children with brain tumors in attempts to shame people. Awesome. The backstory is this. You saw Ronaldo’s haircut yesterday, how could you not? He looked like a total douche


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We all had some fun with it. Made our jokes, called him a clown, a pussy, a jersey shore looking loser etc etc. Then, after the game, this fake twitter account tweeted this.


Screen Shot 2014-06-23 at 11.58.23 AM


And the internet went nuts. Calling out everyone who said anything mean about Ronaldo. I’ll admit even I fell for it for a few minutes. But after doing some digging we find two things. 1) That’s a fake World Cup twitter account and 2) That story is months old. Yes Ronaldo helped out a little kid who needed surgery but no it had nothing to do with his haircut yesterday. So he’s a good guy but he also has a shitty haircut. So stop trying to make me feel bad, it’s no longer working. And for everyone else who wants to go on with their life hating Ronaldo and his haircut feel free to do so. We’re in the clear, savage gate 2.0 averted.


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The only people worse than creating these fake rumors are the group of people on the internet now that LIVE for catching people in situations like this. They literally just sit back and wait for something to come out about a cancer victim or a dying kid or any kind of sob story and pounce on us. “Bet you feel awful now” “Barstool has stooped to a new low” “Looks like you’re a dick”. The worst. Holier than thou that want to prove how great of a person they are by shaming others who made a couple of jokes. Get the fuck out of here.