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Warriors Championship Parade Live Blog: Draymond Is Back To Trolling LeBron, Swaggy P Is Still Shirtless, Jordan Bell Is Drinking Henny, And Draymond Does Not Fuck With Tristan Thompson

Hand up, I’ll admit that I thought Draymond Green was going to be the bigger man and make it through the entire parade without a dig at LeBron. I thought three rings in four years, with this latest one coming as a sweep and potentially ending LeBron’s time in Cleveland, would mean that Draymond would let bygones were bygones. Clearly I underestimated the Troll God. That’s on me. Draymond came out rocking as good a shirt as he ever has, despite the biggest reason there isn’t a 16 ring on that shirt is because Draymond went full Draymond and tried to make peanut butter out of the LeBron’s nuts. I guess trading in the 16 ring to get Kevin Durant for 17 and 18 were a fair trade to Draymond’s mind.

To be honest, I forgot that the LeBron Arthur Fist tweet was even from this season. Likely because it feels like it was a thing on Twitter no less than a decade ago. But I’m guessing Bron wasn’t thinking about timeliness once he realized playing without Kyrie was going to make things a million times harder this season. I’ll keep this blog updated with any other nonsense the Warriors do as they tap dance on the Cavs and the rest of the NBA’s grave. It feels weird that the Dubs planned their third parade in four years the same day the Capitals had their parade to officially end the period of darkness for D.C sports misery. I guess we’ll see if Draymond can top his performance from last year and make this parade anywhere close to the chaos in Washington.



Again, you can hate this shit if you want. But if you were one of the millions of people that made a Blew a 3-1 lead joke or engaged in online fisticuffs with KD or one of his burners, you are as responsible for this current dynasty as anyone else.

LeBron trolling continues…

I think I’m already over Swaggy P doing his best J.R. impression. The Summer of J.R. was perfect because it was pure J.R. This just seems like a cheap knock off.

Okay, it’s hard not to love this guy.

That being said, I am shocked and appalled that Jordan Bell was the one drinking Henny with Warriors fans in the crowd.

Jordan Bell is FEELING himself today, huh?

Steph’s fit may be corny, but you have to respect anybody that shouts out Run TMC and the Baron Davis era Warriors.

That being said, when I try to explain to my kids how the Warriors used to be trash during their run for their 8th straight title, I will use the Thunder mascot and logo as Exhibits A and B.


#NeverForget the time B Diddy ended Andrei Kirilenko though

We have a human Lion King alert!

As if being trapped into the Kardashian family wasn’t bad enough, Tristan Thompson caught a clean shot from Draymond

And in case there are any truthers out there that didn’t believe what Draymond said, the internet always has receipts

The hand behind the back move may be more savage than actually saying you don’t fuck with someone


When you get left hanging after getting swept out of the Finals by the guy you challenged to a fight during Game 1