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I Could Watch This Drunk Guy Fall On His Face At The Luke Bryan Concert In Pittsburgh Forever


Just your routine local news “look at all these drunk people oh my god what will ever do our society is in the toilet you should all be scared for your life” piece right up until this guy.


“I got this, I can do this, ok here we go, annnnnd I smashed my face”



Honestly who hasn’t been in this spot before. When your brain is still trying to get you somewhere and your body just won’t let you. You know you’re drunk, you know you’re in trouble, it’s just that your jello legs physically won’t allow you to get from point a to point b, so you eat a mouthful of pavement instead. Just so happens we all don’t get that moment videotaped on local news for the world to see, that’s the only difference between that guy and all of us.



Shout out as well to the girl that takes 6 shots before noon because she can “totally drink you guys under the table and hang with the boys” and then spends the rest of the night crying and puking and ruining everyone’s time. Can never have enough of those around.

Screen Shot 2014-06-22 at 9.00.46 AM


h/t timothyburke