Soulja Boy has a Movie About His Life Coming Out and He May or May Not Have Killed A Guy

Soulja boy stopped by Barstool HQ yesterday and his presence was most certainly felt. From this electric entrance announcing himself to the office

to the potent stench of reefer and grape swishers that was so strong it could have gotten my guy Zahs entire village in Zimbabwe high for the rest of the month, Soulja boy had the office buzzin’ like few had before and for damn good reason. Being in middle school and early high school during Soulja Boys prime I can attest that he had a DOMINANT run in the rap game. He broke the internet with “Crank That” (375 Million views on Youtube)

when he was just 17 years old and followed up with 3 more bonafide chart topping number 1 hits with Kiss me Thru the Phone, Turn my Swag On and Pretty Boy Swag. He sold over 15 million ringtones, went diamond (10 million digitals sold) and went viral before going viral was even a thing. When “Crank That” got tossed on at any middle school or high school dance the entire building shut down and everyone in the room got in formation like it was a military march. Matter fact he started the song/dance combo for christs sake! He was so ahead of his time with his use of social media and doesn’t get half the respect he deserves. He even finessed the entire streaming game and put his songs under every huge artists name and song names on Limewire. (Soulja Boy has been doing the damn thing since Limewire was around! ) So for example when you typed in “In Da Club” by 50 Cent, Soulja Boys song would come up and he would get the streams. Pure genius. A true pioneer for the social media era of music that has brought so many rappers to mainstream fame with Soundcloud, instagram and twitter that the list is endless. He even personally helped put on HUGE names like Migos, Chief Keef and Rich the Kid. He talks about this in depth in his interview with KFC Radio. (GIVE THIS MAN HIS 5%)

Maybe his most amazing accomplishment was his house getting ran up on by 5 guys with AK 47s and living to tell the tale. He killed one of them and shot another while the rest ran outta the house before Soulja Boy could tell em with his 45 Glock (see what I did there?) He tells the story here in this interview with the Breakfast Club and it is a DOOZIE.

He also announces he was paid 3 million dollars to do a movie about his life that will show REAL security footage from his house from this incident. If thats not enough to get you to your local movie theater or atleast stream it illegally, I don’t know what will. Plus rapper movies are like pizza and sex, even when they’re bad they’re still kinda good. Besides All Eyez on Me, the Tupac movie. I’ve seen bags of burning dog shit that were more entertaining than that total atrocity of a film, but thats a take for another day. Anyways, I am FIRED UP for the Soulja Boy movie and the story of the man who went from welfare housing and flipping burgers in McDonalds to almost getting paid 7 million dollars to fight Chris Brown in a celebrity boxing match over liking CBs ex girlfriends picture on instagram. What a world.


P.S. I wish I had the confidence to walk into even my parents house, let alone a random office and yell “Double Vodka Don is in the building!”