Justin Verlander Took Kate Upton To Mini Golf The Other Night, STILL Doesn't Realize She Is Ruining His Career



Dude, what the fuck are you doing right now? I don’t understand it anymore. You’re acting like this is the first chick you’ve ever banged. Taking her everywhere, bringing her around the team, playing mini golf on off nights. Jesus Christ Justin. I’m not a Kate Upton basher like a lot of other people but it’s clear as day she’s the problem here. You can’t have you girlfriend just hanging around all the time fucking with your mind. You have an ERA at almost 5. You’ve given up 19 runs in your last 3 starts. You’re not striking people out and your fastball stinks. Figure it out man, figure it out.





I’m being dead serious. Does Justin Verlander have no friends in his life who can straight talk him? Is it all yes men? Because if I went from the best pitcher in baseball to a bum and the biggest change was that my girlfriend was always asking to hang out and follow me on road trips I would hope one of my friends would have the balls to tell me what the problem is.