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Ho Hum, Dustin Johnson Holes Out For A Walk-Off Eagle On 18 And Wins By 6 Strokes

Unreal. Just an unreal finish from DJ. Walk-off eagle to win the tournament by 6 strokes and take allllllllllllllllllll the momentum as we head into US Open week. Not to mention he barely reacted when the shot dropped. Dustin Johnson has one speed and that speed is I Never Look Like I Give A Shit About Golf Or Anything At All But I Am So Good At This Game That I Don’t Have To Look Like I Care Cause I’m Awesome. That’s his demeanor at all times. What a mother fucking beast. Riggs is right, it feels like DJ can win whenever he wants. If DJ is like, “Yep I feel like winning this week” he’s unstoppable. 67-63-65-66. Mercy. The walk-off eagle was just the cherry on top. He was gonna win anyway but he decided he didn’t want to putt. Oh and by the way, he reclaimed being the #1 golfer in the world with that win. Legend.