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Steph Curry Casually Posts Rounds Of 71-71 During The NBA Finals


Is there anything more disrespectful than posting a couple 71s during the NBA Finals then not even really playing great basketball yet still cruising comfortably to your 3rd NBA Title in 4 years? What a slap in the face to Lebron. Guy is battling tooth and nail and JR Smith, dragging all of Cleveland through hell with cuts and scrapes and bruises and bandages everywhere. Getting so close yet so far. Getting humiliated on the game’s biggest stage despite as valiant an effort as we’ve ever seen. Despite playing his dick off. Meanwhile Steph Curry’s riding around in a golf cart probably sipping a couple transfusions while showing off his wedge game then sauntering over to the stadium for 4 different victory laps. It’s nice to be Steph Curry.