When Clayton Kershaw Pitches Like He Did Last Night, The Dodgers Are Good, A Magic Johnson Analysis



Most of the time Magic Johnson tweets are pretty obvious. He’s the siri of twitter. Straight facts, no fluff. But I’ll admit this one caught me a little off guard. Because I was thinking that when Clayton Kershaw pitches like he did last night the Dodgers are good but can they really beat ANY team in baseball? Then I saw that Kershaw actually pitched a no-hitter and I remembered rule one of Magic Johnson baseball, you need to score runs to win and scoring runs is difficult when you don’t get hits. So yeah, I’m in on this, when Clayton Kershaw pitches a no-hitter and the rest of the team scores 8 runs I do believe the Dodgers will win 100% of the time. Once again life is a lesson and Magic Johnson is our teacher.







How pissed was Kershaw’s crew that they missed out on the bubbles party last night?