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If Jimmy Graham Not Changing His Twitter Bio To Read "Wide Receiver" Costs Him 5.3 Million Dollars In Arbitration That Has To Be The Dumbest Move Of All Time Right?







(Source) The New Orleans Saints designated Jimmy Graham as their franchise player for 2014. The team insists Graham is a tight end, which would pay him $7 million under the franchise tag. Graham says he’s a wide receiver, a designation that brings a $12.3 million salary. The two sides are in arbitration to decide the matter and some of the evidence is quite compelling, like the NFLPA saying Graham lines up at receiver 67% of the time, or the NFL quoting Graham’s Twitter bio. Yes, his Twitter bio.



Jimmy, Jimmy, Jimmy. First rule of trying to convince the world you’re a Wide Receiver so that you can make bank is to actually call yourself a Wide Receiver. And if this is actually the thing that catches him up in arbitration that sucks because ultimately it’s a fucking social media bio but jesus christ man, it takes 2 seconds to change that. You’ve been making this argument for the past year and you can’t take the simplest step to cover all of your tracks? You basically are walking into your bosses office for a raise, got your suit on, your best tie, nicest watch, shined your shoes, go to shake his hand and boom, your fly is down and you look like an idiot. Come on man, you’re better than this, or probably not because you probably have some grade school friend or deadbeat cousin running your social media accounts and he failed miserably at his one and only job.



By the way, Jimmy Graham is a tight end. I don’t care where he lines up on the field. He’s 6’7” 270 lbs. That’s a tight end. Not to mention you can clear this whole thing up by just asking what every football league in America has him listed at. Tight End. Case Closed.