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Rob Ford Memo To City Hall - Change The Locks, I'm Back Bitch!

Mayor Rob Ford will return to Toronto and to his seat at the head of the city in just over 10 days. In a letter dated June 2 to the city clerk’s office, Ford said he would be back Monday, June 30 “in the latter portion of the afternoon, to resume my duties as Mayor of Toronto.” City spokesperson Jackie DeSouza said the letter was received by the clerk on June 16. The note is signed above where “MAYOR FORD” is written out in capital letters.





Oh Baby, best news ever. Summer Camp/Rehab is over. Pack up your sleeping bag and smores stick it’s time to get back to work, or in Rob Ford’s case do some fun shit and take hilarious pictures all day. The world is a little safer knowing we have big Rob back behind the wheel.


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Power move for Rob Ford to come back the week of July 4th. Get back to work, boom, 3 day weekend. Next level thinking that goes straight over most people’s head.