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Monday Homestretch

Feel compelled to keep an eye on the market because of the “finance” handle, but not seeing much today.

No splashy analyst moves that I wanna mention, and earnings are a month away.  Investors seem to still be warm and fuzzy on the payroll numbers from Friday, and everyone seems confident with Italy having a prime minister who has never prime ministered anything before.  Market is strong, but volumes are underwhelming, down maybe 5%, or so.

Probably a perfect summer Monday to take off, or maybe even play in a $10k per foursome golf outing run by a hedge fund guy to support inner-city school kids, even though he lives in a gated community with armed guards in watchtowers.


Saw this Nectar Therapeutics news (NKTR)… Looks like a stock I would’ve bought yesterday, down 35% today on news they are developing a cancer drug that doesn’t help people with cancer.


I just got invited to a rooftop thing later this week, which always causes more sunburn than anything else… I will go, because of the baby lamb chops and subsequent free coke, but I am more built for indoor drinking.

Clinton interview over the weekend intrigues me.  Bill insisting he doesn’t owe Lewinsky an apology for turning her last name into a very-specific sexual act involving a cigar and ending with a blue dress.  Seems like most of the clap back is insisting Clinton is wrong, and an apology is in order.

I disagree.

I’ve read enough Charles Bronson biographies to know that cocksmen don’t apologize.  It’s not in their DNA… which is ironic considering all the apology-free cocksman DNA left on that dress.


Plus I like to equate Bill’s transgressions with some of my own.  When I am hungry, I will eat anything.  I know it’s not good for me, and I will pay for it later, but I still rent Indian food when I am drunk and starved.

I think similarly, sleeping next to Hillary is the sexual equivalent of being starved… Gives me an innie just thinking about how unkempt she must be down there.

So Monica became the sexual equivalent of a late night gyro from a streetcart, and I think the $16million dollar hit to his net worth that he is claiming to have suffered in the wake of the scandal has put enough blood in Bill’s stool… Leave him alone.

If you get bored, Google the kid in Brazil that got his penis bit off by a shark.  Someone just sent it to me, and the precision of the bite seems like for the shark it was almost personal.


Good luck staying awake ’til 4… Take a report.