Watch Tom Cruise Do Over 100 Skydiving Jumps For A Mission Impossible Scene

I promise I’m not a Tom Cruise stan, this was just a pretty awesome behind the scenes feature. This seems like an absolutely insane amount of work to do for a single scene. 5 jumps a day out of a prop plane, and 3 HALO (High Altitude – Low Opening ) jumps from 25,000 feet in the air. I despise heights and absolutely shit my pants even going on Cliff Rider at Splish Splash (s/o to my fellow trashy Long Islanders) so there I can’t even fathom this. I’d feel like I was tempting fate with every jump.  Between this stunt and breaking his ankle on a previous one,  at what point do we just send Tom Cruise to the middle east to destroy ISIS? I, for one, respect your service Tom.


The movie comes out July 27th and I am pumped as fuck for it. Between these trailers/stunts and Henry Cavill cocking his fists like they’re guns synced up with the music, it couldn’t be more buttered. Don’t forget to subscribe to Lights, Camera, Pod, follow us on Twitter, follow us on Instagram and join in on the conversation on our Reddit.