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The Selfish Sixers Need To Start Thinking About The Bloggers For A Change

Philadelphia 76ers v Boston Celtics - Game Five

So we’re coming up on a week since The Ringer report was released on Bryan Colangelo and his burner accounts. Since then, Sixers Twitter turned into Encyclopedia Brown and it was almost scary how quickly they got to the bottom of it and found out that it was BC’s wife who was behind the majority of it. Sixers Twitter was operating on borderline Anonymous levels of internet sleuthing. I am equally parts proud and terrified of their achievements over the past week.

But while Sixers Twitter was busy cracking the case and doing all of the investigative work for the organization, the Sixers are still dragging their feet on this one. The date is Monday, June 4th and Bryan Colangelo still has a job. Which, to anybody with at least a quarter of a brain, seems… well… I guess the word I’m looking for here is “bad”.

Now I understand if the Sixers are doing their due diligence here and making sure they have all their affairs in order before canning the collar. But we’re at a point right now where it’s just flat out selfish. I mean think about this for a second. Today is such a slow day in the world of sports. Game 3 of the Stanley Cup Final was on Saturday night. Last night was a blowout in the NBA Finals. I guess there is the MLB Draft to talk about but not really. The biggest news in the NFL today is that Mychal Kendricks was embarrassed that he’s signing with the Cleveland Browns and didn’t want people to know about it. There is nothing going on today that is worth talking about. It feels like it’s been Monday morning for at least a week and a half so far today. Which is why if the Philadelphia 76ers cared about all the hard working bloggers on the internet, they’d throw us a bone and fire Bryan Colangelo right now. Inject some life into this Monday morning. Give us anything at all to talk about. But no. They don’t give a shit about the bloggers even if we’re the reason why they even have jobs in the first place. It’s a shame.

I just don’t think it’s too much to ask for an organization to fire their general manager on a Monday morning for the sake of having some content to write about on a slow news day in sports. Seems like a totally reasonable request to me but again, the Sixers just don’t give a heck. Bastards.