It's Go Time- Time To Make a DraftStreet Account Because They Are Handing Out Free Money

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Like many of you, my soul was crushed when online poker was shut down in the USA. And like a lot of you, I never fully moved into daily fantasy sports. And that all ends now. Because DraftStreet is the nuts. The bees knees. And they are giving away 10k on Sunday for the hell of it.

It’s so easy. You GO HERE to sign up. You make a name. You pick a team. You roll around in money when your team dominates.

“Hey Nate, that sounds great! I love football and free money! But offer me another perk just for the fun of it, why don’t ya?”

Ok, BOOM! Free million dollar Barstool hoodie if you finish in the top 100. Be the cock of the walk and 1k richer just for clicking a few buttons and watching football.

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“Anything else you can give me for free?”

Glad you asked! 375 of you will get free entry into their Wednesday $22, $150,000 guaranteed NBA Big Score with 50k guaranteed for first place. That’s insane.


Sign your jabroni ass up. It’ll be lonely at the top, but it’ll be worth it.