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The Japanese Sex Lube Olympics Are The Greatest False Advertisement Of All Time



The Sex Lube Olympics Sure Looks Slippery




(Source) This weekend, the Sex Lube Grand Atheletic Meet was held in Tokyo. Covered in lotion, folks competed in a handful of events. The competition looked rather stiff! The event was held at wrestling complex 1st Ring in Shinkiba, and participants shelled out 10,800 yen (around US$100) to compete, while spectators coughed up 3,240 yen ($30) to watch the spectacle. The Sex Lube Grand Athletic Meet was organized by the Sex Lube Sports Association. No, really.




Well that fucking sucked. Has this ever happened? Japan promising something weird and outrageous and falling completely flat? Like you promise me the Japanese Sex Lube olympics and I’m thinking wild orgies and tentacle porn and crazy sex shit I don’t even know about. Not a bunch of dudes lubing themselves up, playing tug of war and doing a slip and slide. You’ve changed Japan, I expected more out of you. I don’t know what you owe us but it’s something. You just can’t have the Sex Lube Olympics and produce results like this, I demand satisfaction.





Clean up crew looks like a good time.