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Steve Kerr Trying To Keep A Straight Face While Saying LeBron Has Really Good Teammates Was Laugh Out Loud Funny

A reminder of LeBron’s really good. *straightens up to avoid smirking*

group of. *holds breath to prevent laughter*



I don’t know if this video was taped from the angle Big Cat uses when he takes pictures of Joe Buck or Steve Kerr has some Pinnochio syndrome where his head grows whenever he is about to tell a lie. But watching Kerr act like every girl that tells her boyfriend “it’s a nice size” was something. I mean Kerr pretty much turn into Jim Carey from Liar, Liar when he tries to convince himself that his royal blue pen is red tells you all you need to know about the uphill battle LeBron has in front of him.

Even the NBA couldn’t sugarcoat the mismatch before they knew if Kevin Love’s concussed ass would play.

Three of the best players in the NBA as well as a fourth All-Star that is regarded as the engine that makes this whole team go and won last year’s Defensive Player of the Year take on LeBron, Kyle fucking Korver, and a guy that was unplayable early in the playoffs. Only on ABC!

(Not pictured: J.R. Smith who admittedly can get hot from three but also literally did everything in his power to make sure the Cavs didn’t win in regulation last night)

I know that Barstool is the home of LeBron slander when Skip Bayless isn’t on TV because of the flopping, the Zero Dark Thirty-23, and those GOD DAMN SUIT SHORTS. But the fact he made The Finals and was a J.R. Smith putback away from going up 1-0 on the Warriors with this really good. group of. teammates is fucking ridiculous.