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This Is What Happens When You Try To Rob Multiple People At Gunpoint On A Crowded Bus

SEATTLE — Newly-obtained surveillance video shows an armed robber terrorizing passengers aboard a Metro bus. The video was captured on the evening of November 25, when prosecutors say 19-year-old Trevonnte Brown got on a downtown to West Seattle bus. The video shows a man — who police identify as Brown — pull out a handgun and rob two passengers of their cell phones. As he walks toward the front of the bus, the robber stops and points his gun in the face of a seated passenger. That passenger stands up and lunges at the gunman, which sparks a melee that ends with several other passengers holding the robber on the ground.

Pop quiz, hotshot. How stupid do you have to be to perform multiple armed robberies with a single piece in plain view on a crowded bus? An enclosed area where literally anyone from anywhere can take your ass down without you having a chance. Dude deserved to get seat stomped. And having your face forced to the floor of a Metropolitan bus for a couple minutes is 100x more deadly than any punch this kid could’ve received. Bruises heal, Hep-C doesn’t.

Gotta love the broad with crutches automatically being cured of her injury at :35. Insurance fraud never looked so good.