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The Scene At Grant Park Yesterday...





Nice little party yesterday at Grant Park with a million people going absolutely Bananas with patriotism, throwing beers on each other and losing their minds.


I have a confession with soccer, I think I genuinely like it now. Now I’m not going to actually be some soccer nut or anything, let’s not get too carried away, even a diehard USA fan will admit that that game fucking SUCKED from minutes 2 to 85 yesterday, but, I’m a sports fan through and through, it’s basically all I watch, so if you give me the highest level of competition in any sport I’ll be glued to the TV. And I will give the diehard soccer fans credit, they know how to throw a party and they’re as rabid as rabid as can be. I may never be a scarf flying shinguard fanboy but I respect the fans that are, because at the end of the day making fun of a fan for loving their sport and or team too much is a clown move. I’m on your side soccer fans. People who can’t at least accept that the World Cup is awesome and partying in an enormous park with hundreds of thousands of people is pretty cool are just Haters.








This does not prohibit me from making the occasional sarcastic joke about set pieces and flops. There are some things I can’t quit, at least now you know it comes from a good place.