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Humble Veteran Disrespected At Barstool Offices


Things have gotten a lot more crowded at the Barstool offices since I was here last week. The Heartland gang is in town, the Grit Week gents are back from their trip, and half the office is taken up with stands for today’s Barstool Spelling Bee (TAKING PLACE ACROSS ALL PLATFORMS AT 4PM-ISH! #AD).

For some reason it’s also noticeably hotter up here, though I can’t quite put my finger on it (due to HR laws).

But really, you can’t turn around without running into an intern now. Speaking of, I’m having a bit of an issue with that today. Normally I try to be cool about this, but not a single one of them has thanked me for my service yet. Quick handshake with glance of gratitude? Nada. Not one #TYFYS hashtag sent my way on Twitter. And I’ve been here since 10AM.

If any of you decide to set down your Fortnite joysticks or whathaveyou, I’m over by the hanging ‘Sorrey’ jersey, and you can tell me the same.

Sincerely & ever humble,