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New Mario Kart 8 Trailer For Wii U Coming In HOT

Fresh as fuck. I don’t care if I haven’t played Mario Kart hardcore other than on the N64, we might need to finally empty the piggy bank and/or start up a kickstarter to get Smitty his own Wii U to dominate for mankind. If I don’t get to participate in this game it would be like if Mozart never played the piano or if Picasso never painted. What I do on the MK course can only be considered an art.

Mario Kart 64 Challenge Amongst Men is still open and am taking challengers. Have one standing offer next in Cherry Hill and another in Manyunk, but if you have an N64 we can make it happen. Currently am 8-2 in the challenge. Should be 10-0, but shit happens. Not going to make excuses, but it’s tough playing 1 on 3 in battle with everyone ganging up on the kid. Plus my shoulder hurts.

Ride DK or Die.