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50 Cent On Pusha T And Drake: "I'm Just Enjoying The Show Like Everybody Else"

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Have I told you I’m excited about the Pusha T/Drake beef? Cause I’m excited. I had forgotten how much I love rap beef until a rap beef kinda sorta dropped outta the sky. I know Pusha has been trying to bait Drake for years but it was shocking that Drake finally took it. And to have #MyPresident and beef connoisseur Curtis ’50 Cent’ Jackson also be excited? Well that’s just the cherry own top of the beef sundae. 50 Cent isn’t just me favorite rapper of all time. He’s also the grill master when it comes to beef.

I want Fiddy to get more involved. He’s enjoying the show but he needs to be part of the show. I don’t know how he would, but I still kinda want it to happen. I don’t even care what side he chooses. I’m a #TeamPush guy but whatever. He can take Drake’s side. Just come outta nowhere and sucker punch somebody. Wait I know. He could be Drake’s beef consultant. Drake needs it. REALLY needs it. He’s found himself in a tough spot. A spot Drake probably never thought he’d find himself in against an opponent who is pulling less than zero punches about anything.

I know for a fact 50 Cent would’ve advised Drake against this

Doing the whole Notepad screenshot thing is a step in the very wrong direction. One could argue that wearing black face in 2007 was the worst step, and they’d be right, but trying to explain it away with a Notepad screenshot is a tough look for Aubrey. He needs Curtis’s guiding hand.