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Mark Davis Is As Beautiful In Person As You Could Possibly Imagine

One has bad hair. The other is Mark Davis. What a treasure he is. I had the pleasure of chatting with him last night at the hockey game, and let me tell you, he is an absolutely beauty of a human. They tell you to never meet your heroes, but every hero I’ve met as been nothing but great. I mean look at that man. We chatted for a couple of minutes before I took the picture- I told him what a big fan I was of his and he said thank you. He asked if I was from DC and I said yes. He said something about how he’s rooting for Vegas but is still happy for the Caps. Then I asked for a picture and he was like “absolutely”. I couldn’t believe. Half because he’s a god damn legend, and half because I knew my friend Dan would be super jealous. When I got my phone out to take the selfie, the camera was facing the wrong way. Playing to his strengths, I go “sorry, not so good with phones, ya know?” And he went “hah, same here, don’t you worry”. And then we took the only picture that could possibly top my Tiger Woods picture, I thanked him again, and on my way I went.

Pretty wild that in the last couple of weeks I’ve gotten a picture with two of the biggest living legends known to man. I don’t know where I go from here. I’m a pict with The Undertaker away from hitting for the cycle.