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Parents Get Snoopy With Drug Sniffing Dogs

When I was in high school my parents surprised me with a nice, new mattress. Sounds lovely, but I wasn’t prepared & my heart froze when it was time to lift up the old one to take it away. My hiding spot was compromised & my mom’s eyes went wide as all the little baggies came crumpling out during the switch.

My vice? Semi-sweet chocolate chips that she used for baking. I’d sneak them up to my room at night, eat a whole bag in one sitting, then shove the evidence under my mattress. But imagine if I hadn’t been such a giant nerd… it totally could have been something cool, like drugs.

Teenz in the Missouri area are coming face to face with this feeling of dread. According to NECN News:

Suspicious parents can now hire a drug-sniffing dog to let them know whether their children are using drugs. Metro K9 Services offers sweeps by the highly-trained dogs. The company works with schools, businesses and private homes, where people can rent the dog to detect whether or not there are narcotics.

“I thought it’d be a good idea to have a dog that’s not law enforcement, a non law enforcement canine that doesn’t do apprehension or anything like that, where it’s safe to have them among the students, so I had started it,” founder Ray McCarty says. “The times that we find things, it’s basically just confirming the parent’s suspicions, and it’s nice when we don’t find things.”

Lads & lassies, my advice is to hide your scoobie doobies and air buds & chug some vinegar so your old yeller comes out clean. Pull out your books, put on some Beethoven & ask for some good vibes on a wishbone, hoping they leave you alone & don’t get too snoopy on you. I am toto-lly sorry for this last paragraph, just trying to help you spike on ‘em so you’re not grounded for the summer.