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A Woman Was About To Miss Her Flight Because of American Airlines' Stupid Carry-On Bag Fee Policy, But NFL Tight End Jermaine Gresham Stepped In and Saved The Day

Pretty awesome stuff here from Arizona Cardinals tight end Jermaine Gresham. The man was simply waiting to board his flight and noticed this poor woman getting absolutely dicked by American Airlines. The whole dispute was over a carry-on baggage fee of $50 that she didn’t have because her credit cards kept getting declined from just being out of the country, and they would not take her cash. The best option the airline gave her was to miss her flight so she could go to some ticket counter and sort out the issue. It’s easy to say you’d step in and pay for this lady’s baggage fee just to help her out, but to actually do it is another. Good on Jermaine Gresham here for paying it forward and being a genuinely good dude.

Hey American Airlines, are we really charging for carry-on bags these days? I’m pretty sure the standard rule is you get a carry-on small suitcase and then a backpack that can go below your seat without costing a cent. You should never need to pay for either unless you’re flying Spirit Airlines, in which case you’ll be lucky if you get a seat with the cheap price of your ticket. If you’re flying a household name like American Airlines then you shouldn’t be paying $50 for a carry on. I mean that’s just insane. Airlines are actually trying to get us for every single dollar we have these days huh? I wouldn’t be shocked if they start charging for water and snacks down the road. Oh you want to recline your seat back a few inches? That’s $5.

Good on Jermaine Gresham. Fuck American Airlines.