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There Was A Goose On The Loose At Comerica Park Tonight

What a video! I went in expecting your typical baseball game animal hijinks. Maybe a grounds crew member tripping while he chased the goose or perhaps our feathered friend flying to freedom as thousands of people cheered it on.


This video was taken in Detroit, which may not be the home of sports heartbreak, but sports heartbreak definitely has a timeshare in the Motor City. So instead of watching an animal sail away to glory on a beautiful spring night, the fans in attendance got this instead.

So perfectly Detroit.

Don’t worry though, the goose is just fine!

I’m no city slicker. I’m blogging this from my house in Winterfell. I know when a goose is dead behind the eyes with a fatal case of CTE and that goose will be DOA before it passes through the turnstiles. There is no doubt in my mind sorry son of a bitch is ending up on a Schrute dinner table tomorrow night.

Obligatory GOAT video of a bird meeting its maker at a baseball game.