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"The Ringer" Is A Very Funny And Quite Enjoyable Movie

There’s been a lot of talk about The Ringer today with the whole Bryan Colangelo story and everything. I just wanted to chime in and add my two cents here by saying I think “The Ringer” was a quality film. I’d categorize it as one of those perfect Saturday/Sunday morning movies. The kind you can throw on while you’re waking up after a night of drinking and you really don’t want to have to do too much thinking. You can fall asleep for a few minutes in the middle of the movie and when you wake up near the end, it’s not like you missed some gigantic plot line and you’re completely lost. I’m not saying it should have been an Academy Award winner or anything like that. But as far as a movie you can watch time and time again without getting sick of? Absolutely. Its re-watchability score is off the charts and, to me, that is more important than any bullshit award that Hollywood decides to slap on a movie.

I’ll say this. It would be pretty damn tough to pull of this movie today in 2018. I can’t imagine that a movie about pretending to be mentally challenged just to gain an athletic advantage would go over well in today’s societal climate. Even if the movie does have a rather heartwarming and thought provoking message about growth and acceptance in the end. Thank god times were different back in 2005 so we could still get movies like this while we could. The movie also features Johnny Knoxville who just made an appearance on the Pizza Review.

It also features a ton of super quotable lines which you’ll still hear thrown into casual conversations today. Quotes such as “When the fuck did we get ice cream?”. Or “You picked it up in clear daylight and you scratched it”.

Overall it’s just a great movie and I’m glad that Bryan Colangelo and his 5 burner accounts could remind us of that.