Who The Hell Hired This Intern Smokeshow With The Face From the Gods?



So today is the first day of summer interns at Barstool.   We got like 20 of them here.  They all looks the same.  I mishmosh of losers, dorks, and Stoolies just like the rest of us.  And then we got this dude. Who the fuck hired this kid? Kid is fucking gorgeous. I mean have you ever seen me hire a gorgeous kid before? No chance.  Guys this hot are a total morale killer for everybody in the office.  I mean poor Riggs and his twisted eyes have to look at this shit every day? It’s garbage.  That’s why I stick with Tommy Smokes (no offense Tommy) and Zah (no offense Zah)  It just shows how much Barstool has changed over the years. We got man candy now. Looks like you finally won Laura Wagner. Fuck.