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Joe Thomas Has No Choice But To Pull a "Scott's Tots" Because There's No Way He Can Get Everyone in the World a Signed Jersey When The Warriors Win The Title

Oh no Joe, what are you doing???? At least yesterday when Damarious Randall did this he was backing the Warriors, who without a doubt are going to win the NBA Finals (barring cataclysmic events). Joe Thomas is not only going to have to get everyone a free jersey, but it’s going to be signed too according to him. Why are you doing this to yourself Joe? I know you’re this great dude who loves to help out his community, but this is just stupid. He’s going to have to pull a Michael Scott with Scott’s Tots. There’s no other option. This will get a million retweets in a few days and there’s no way you can get everyone a free signed jersey. You just got to step up to a podium and say you fucked up.

Scott’s Tots might be one of the more underrated plots in The Office’s history. Michael promised these kids 10 years ago that if they graduate high school he’ll pay for their tuitions. They used his promise as motivation their whole lives and then he just couldn’t pay for them. Michael Scott in a nutshell.

Just to quickly note, currently if the Cavs pull this off, Damarious Randall would owe over $72 million in jerseys. At least he knew what he was doing. He’s on the side of a team that’s -1200 to win the series. He’s really got nothing to worry about short of a team bus crash with the entire team on it.